• puffs of ELF BAR pi9000
  • 18ML Capacity Flavor
  • Type C rechargeable batteries: charging
  • 50mg (5% nicotine)
  • Charger: 650MAH
  • Time to Charge a Mesh Coil: Approximately 15 minutes

The Best ELF BAR PI9000 PUFFS Disposable Vape Dubai. Is now available in ABU DHABI, Dubai, Sharjah United Arab Emirates! All the UAE are eligible for cash on delivery!


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The most current Best Disposable Vape Dubai UAE with a high puff count to hit the Malaysian vaping industry exclusively is The Elf Bar Pi9000 Puffs. The ELF BAR PI9000 Puffs’ well-known selection of fruity tastes is included, along with a bigger battery that is rechargeable with type C. Because it is so easy to use and has a very short learning curve, it is perfect for novices.

If you’ve never used an ELF Bar PI9000 Puffs product, we suggest starting with one of the alternate models, such as the Elf Bar 3000 or 6000, that have fewer puffs. Since the Elf Bar PI9000 Puffs Disposable Vape Dubai has a considerably higher puff count, you should first try the lower puff count Elf Bar PI9000 Puffs to get a sense of the flavors.


The groundbreaking Elf Bar Pi9000 puffs are the greatest disposable pod for vapers in Malaysia right now! The larger battery capacity and type C rechargeable technology of this fashionable and svelte pod make vaping unlike anything else. The mouthwatering fruit flavors from ELF BAR that you have come to know and love are also featured, all in one characteristic bubbly shape. But it’s not just that.



  • puffs of ELF BAR pi9000
  • 18ML Capacity Flavor
  • Type C rechargeable batteries: charging
  • 50mg (5% nicotine)
  • Charger: 650MAH
  • Time to Charge a Mesh Coil: Approximately 15 minutes
  1. strawberry ice
  2. Blue razz ice
  3. peach ice
  4. watermelon ice
  5. berry raspberry
  6. cream tobacco
  7. blueberry ice
  8. green Apple
  9. raspberry passion fruit orange
  10. grape raspberry
  11. pink lemon
  12. mango
  13. raspberry Elfbull
  14. Elfbull ice
  15. cola ice
  16. double Apple
  17. pomegranate berry
  18. grape ice
  19. lemon mint

Disposable Pod Flavor for ELF BAR PI9000 Puffs:

Aloe Grape

With a background sense of freshness and juiciness from the aloe vera, the flavor of the grape is tasty and suitable for enjoyment. Aloe vera and grape make for an excellent flavor combination.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry notes that are slightly tangy and sweet with an ice cream flavor that is distinct and very creamy on the exhale.

Sirap Rose

Get a background that is slightly sweet and syrupy, with the delicate, floral feel of rosewater. makes you long for a rose vape. It’s a brand-new experience if you’ve never tried it.

Blackcurrant Juice

Juicy, luscious, and zingy blackcurrants are a taste that is simple to like, simple to vape, and satisfying to the senses.

Blueberry Mango

Since the beginning, Elf Bar has consistently sold a lot of these items. Ripe mangoes and strawberries are combined in an appealing way to tempt your taste senses.

Triple Mango

Three mango shots, not one, not two. Giving you a somewhat sweet and aromatic mango top note, a strong yellow mango center, and a deep, rich mango flavor.

Lychee Ice

The lychee’s amazing capacity to quench your thirst will make you grin. The lychee’s clear, sweet, and tropical flavor will have you feeling content and at peace in only a few deep breaths.

Juicy Peach

Georgia peaches have a cooling aftertaste and are exceedingly sweet and tasty.

Strawberry Juicy Peach

Enjoy the delicious elf bar’s strawberry flavor, which has been skillfully combined with the flavor of succulent peaches. Crisp yellow peaches are a flavor that is both detectable and present in this expertly prepared blend, saturating your tongue with its wonderful flavor.

Peach Mango Watermelon

Crunchy peaches, aromatic mangoes, and juicy watermelon make up a trifecta of fruity flavors that remind you of a fruity punch. Every time you need a break from working, you’ll be salivating because this wonderful e-liquid has a tropical flavor with more pronounced overtones of peach and mango. If you want something fruity with a subtle and nuanced flavor, this might be what you’re searching for.

Coconut Water

The flavor of coconut water is available on street corners in Bangkok. What an astonishing likeness.

ELF Dream

A strawberry foundation flavor with copious amounts of sweet cream is added, followed by a soft chilling exhale.

Longjing Tea Ice

An exhalation that has the flavor of gently prepared matcha tea and is energizing. Excellent and perfect for the summer if you love green tea.

ELF Bull

Providing the taurine taste of a classic energy drink flavor over a bed of crushed ice that acts as a cooling agent.

Lime Cactus

Delicious lemonade with lime flavoring and juicy cactus for a pleasantly fresh taste.

Cola Ice

effervescent cola with a fizz. You can expect a realistic and authentic cola flavor from this fantastic flavor, which is accentuated with a cool menthol blast.

Bamboo Aloe Ice

A reviving vapor that tastes akin to cool mint. Its flavor is mostly made up of aloe vera juice and has a silky feeling. Purely cooling and neither fruity nor sweet.

Mango Yacult

An unusual pairing of mango and probiotic yogurt results in a delight with a cool, tropical flavor.

Peach Ice Cream

Ice cream’s silkiness and sweetness are blended with peaches to create a flavor that is sweet and creamy.

Peach Oolong

Sweet, juicy peaches with subtle oolong tea-like undertones.

Strawberry Yacult

The tangy Yacult yogurt flavor pairs perfectly with bright red strawberries that have a sweet and sour flavor.

Koko Milk

This creamy, thick blast has a fresh milk flavor with a tinge of sweet, velvety chocolate.

Jasmine Tea

The delicate, aromatic flavor of jasmine blossoms and light, invigorating green tea wonderfully reflects the floral, somewhat sweet flavor of the petals.

Tea Guan Yin

A fine taste perfectly captures the distinctive and seductive flavor of a premium Chinese oolong tea known for its floral aroma and smooth, lingering flavor.

Kaya Toast

Toasted bread with coconut jam poured on top for sweet and creamy undertones evokes the flavor of a bygone Southeast Asian breakfast.

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